Knox Church is located at 120 Lisgar St., Ottawa, ON

Bus Routes

Routes 5, 6, and 14 service Elgin street with stops at Lisgar (southbound) and Cooper (northbound). In addition, the Transitway has stops 5 blocks from Knox church at Slater at Metcalfe (eastbound) and Albert at Metcalfe (westbound). Note that route 6 only provides weekday service. For maps and schedules, visit OC Transpo.


Wheelchair access is available through the garden entrance at 227 Elgin Street.


While Knox does not have its own parking lot, there’s plenty of parking near the church–some of which is free. Click here to download a map of the parking near the church.

Parking on both sides of Lisgar Street is free on weekends and evenings–but please leave the spots closest to the church available for those who might have more difficulty moving about.

Bicycle Parking

The city offers numerous options for bicycle parking in the downtown area. Visit the City of Ottawa website for more information.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about this caring community, or if you have a specific concern or challenge you’d like to talk about, please contact us.

Phone: (613) 238-4774
Email: [email protected]