• Did you know?

    Knox is a vital part of the Centretown community. Over the years it has taken a leading role in serving the residents of Centretown. Centre 120 (Out of the Cold) was probably the first such program to regularly feed the hungry in Ottawa, but has been followed by others. Volunteers working at Centre 120 come from many different churches and faiths. Knox was a founding member of Centretown Churches Social Action Committee (CCSAC) some 45 years ago. CCSAC now involves 24 downtown churches, and Knox continues to be involved in it and its major program, the Centretown Emergency Food Centre, for which we gather food donations on the second Sunday of every month. Knox has also worked with people from many groups, church and non-church, to support Daybreak Housing for its 30 years of existence. Daybreak provides long-term affordable housing for single adults on a limited income and has helped hundreds of people in that time. Knox has a mission in downtown Ottawa. You are part of it.”

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