• Refurbishment of the Parlour and ‘Chinese Room’

    Last fall, the Temporal Board made its annual appeal to the Congregation for funds to help restore and maintain our Church building. The Board indicated it would use any funds to provide new flooring and paint for the Parlour and Chinese Room (So named because Knox volunteers used to teach English to new Chinese Canadians there. It is now a Sunday School room.)

    The work is now completed and the Congregation is invited to visit the two rooms this Sunday after the Service to see the results. Our thanks go to many people who made this happen starting with those who contributed funds for the project, including the Guild which donated $800 for the paint.

    We are grateful to Bruce Hastings, Cheryl Pugliese and Ray Pepperdine for preparing the rooms (moving the furniture out and the flooring in) and to Bob Hawkins for organizing a team of volunteers to do the painting as well as using his own skills in the task: Don and Joyce Ross, Peter Martin, Sylvia Wilson, Gordon Richardson, Jack Hanna, Peter Hawkins, Mike Hadden, Pat Wong, Ray Pepperdine, Jim and Elspeth Paulin and Janice Ruppenthal.

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